Rebekah + Nathan | Piedmont Room

I first met Rebekah at an open house that I helped to pull together for The Piedmont Room & Garden Tent back in May 2017. She had already reserved the Piedmont Room as her winter wedding venue, but she was still searching for someone to help bring her vision to life. We connected instantly (she is really just soooo sweet, so how could we not?!), and she reached out a few weeks later to hire Organized Occasions as her planner. I couldn't have been happier! Rebekah is any wedding planner's dream client: organized, kind, a decision maker (praise Jesus!), and genuinely grateful for everyone's hard work going in to her special day.

She ended up using our recommendation to hire On Occasions of Atlanta (the same talented florist I used for that open house, too!) and Carla did not disappoint. She nailed Rebekah's vision on the bold centerpieces and bridal bouquet, while also creating beautiful (but muted) bridesmaids bouquets to help even everything out. 

Rebekah and Nathan are so fun to watch when they are together. These photos from their friend (and talented photographer), Michele Houston, are a great testament to their spunky personalities and zest for life. They were in the best moods and so giddy all day! It was THEIR day to celebrate and share together, and they were soaking up every single minute! Our favorite details? Rebekah's casual and sparkly Keds (keep it comfy, ladies!), Nathan's floral tie (only real men wear floral ties), and their self-serve donut bar to end the night. Enjoy the photos below, and congratulations again to Rebekah + Nathan!