Event Services

What's the occasion?

We offer 5 different service packages for our brides and grooms. The basic summary of each package is listed below.

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Wedding Day Management Package

This package is perfect for the bride who feels like they can handle most of the pre-planning. All that you need is a helping hand during the final weeks leading up to the big day, and full assistance during your wedding. This package takes you from 6 weeks prior to your event date and through to the very end! After putting in all of your hard work, the goal is for you to relax and enjoy everything that you pieced together for this very special day.

The Design Package

Do you have your dream wedding all laid out in your mind, but maybe you're unsure of how to make sure your ideas create a cohesive theme? This package is for the bride who has all the big items covered, but needs some help nailing down her vision and selecting decor! With the basic design package, we’ll help you research the best event designer or florist for your ideas, get you through the proposal and contract stages, and pull everything "decor-related" together in an organized fashion.

The Basics package

Maybe you work full time, are currently in school, or life is just super busy for you. You've asked your mom to help with the majority of the wedding planning, and she already has a headache from all of the different decisions that lay ahead! We're here to help you, ma! This package is our most popular package. It includes help with sourcing and communicating with all of the "big players" that are needed to bring this most special day to fruition: florist, food & beverage caterer, photographer, DJ or band, baker, linens & table top rentals, and any rental furniture or staging.

the main planning package

This package is for the busy bride: the bride who knows her vision but wants to rely on an expert (sorry, ma!) to bring it all to life! We will walk you through all the fundamentals of the wedding planning process, and we'll assist with all of the major and necessary items from start to finish. This option is very similar to The Basics Package, but it includes our help with additional vendors, additional hours onsite for your wedding day, and a couple extra meetings along the planning journey. This option will certainly help ensure a flawless end result!

the all-in-one package

This is the ultimate planning package! We will cover and manage any and all details pertaining to your big day (big or small!). Included in this package are extra tasks (from RSVP tracking to budget management to hotel blocks), so that you and your families can truly relax knowing that everything is being handled by your hired professional planners. We will help you research, contract, and communicate with any vendor that we determine is needed to bring the perfect event to life. Maybe you have so many amazing and unique ideas, but you don't even know where to start. This package may be for you, and let's get this planning party started!